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We had a amazing 4 days / 4 nights adventure with Vincent and Florence on the SugarPalm in the San Blas Islands (Guna Yala) !

This incredible paradise is a trip of a lifetime and something out of another world. Many days we felt like we were exploring uncharted territory and could be on the set of Gilligan's Island.


Vincent and Florence are wonderful hosts, always catering to our needs.

Vincent is an experienced and safe captain as well as a guide. He took us to some wonderful places (not crowded) and showed us around the islands beaches and beautiful waters.

Florence keeps the boat in immaculate condition. It is very simply and tastefully decorated. You can tell they both take meticulous care and have great attention to detail and they do the same with their guests.

The food and drinks prepared for us were healthy, delicious and plentiful. We never went hungry or thirsty on our trip, we enjoyed everything !


Vincent and Florence truly went above and beyond to make this such a WONDERFUL experience.

We have traveled around the world and this was among our top vacations. We HIGHLY recommend the SugarPalm for your San Blas adventure. We are already looking forward to the "next time" on the SugarPalm.


Jaimee and Carlos

San Blas Islands (Panama), March 2020

Once upon a time a family from Canada had the good fortune to find SugarPalm Catamaran’s website as they searched for sailing charters for a March break vacation.


Little did they know that they would be treated to a week of the most spectacular food and drink, the most delightful and entertaining hosts, a beautiful, clean and well maintained boat, and the complete lack of worry for safety, planning, schedules or any of the stresses of daily life.


What a special life experience! Thank you with all our hearts for being so absolutely wonderful, sharing your home and stories and laughter and knowledge with us. For caring for us with all the right information, equipment, provisioning, and exceptional rum punch.


Merci. Everything about our trip was Très Yummy! Hugs from …


Annabel, Michael & Max

Grenadines, March 2019

Our family went to stay on sugar Palm for Christmas/ New Year 2018.


Vincent and Florence are truly amazing hosts- the food onboard Sugar Palm was a French culinary delight, the equal of any Parisian restaurants. Their knowledge of the Grenadines took us to remote spots that we had not previously visited in other sailing trips and provided us with the holiday of a lifetime.


Lucy & Giles, Charlotte, Sophie & Thomas

Grenadines, January 2019

I can say without hesitation that our time with Vincent and Florence on Sugar Palm was one of the best vacation experiences we have ever had.


Having a boat (all to yourselves), captained by someone as knowledgeable as Vincent, who takes you around to all the best spots, is absolutely the best way to experience the highlights of the local environment and culture. While our stay was quite short (only 4 days) and we had several issues (extreme dietary restrictions, and having to work out the electrical requirements for a CPAP machine at nights), Vincent and Florence absolutely exceeded our expectations. 

There was very clear communication about what we could and could not reasonably expect (given the remote location we were sailing in) and how to adjust to make the most of our time, from itinerary to meals. We stayed flexible and I must say that the trip was AMAZING. 

Vincent knew all the best spots to take us to see everything we wanted to in our short time with them. Florence, despite being placed under some severe restrictions for our meals, alw

ays came through with fantastic and wonderfully prepared food, and was always ready with a drink before you even knew to ask for it. They are both pleasant and easy to get along with people, attentive and ready to make sure you have as relaxing and enjoyable a stay with them as possible. 

Sugar Palm is a beautiful modern Catamaran and very easy to make yourselves comfortable and at home on. We lacked for nothing and couldn’t have asked for more!


If you do get the chance to plan a vacation with this fantastic couple, do yourself a favor and book with them- (future you will thank you!)


Angela & Chris

Grenadines, November 2018

It has been a fantastic experience. Vincent and Florence were superbly generous hosts.


Florence cooks delicious fresh food, we enjoyed all our meals, and she makes the best ever rum punch with lots of fresh passion fruit ! Vincent is a very accommodating Skipper who makes sure you have a lot of fun and a varied itinerary and he makes a mean mojito - he laughed when I described it as "summer in a glass".

We had email our food and beverages preferences in advance of the trip and they had even managed to get hold of some out of the ordinary items on our list.


They definitely go the extra mile for their guests and I would not hesitate to recommend SugarPalm (travels all over the Caribbean islands) if you are looking for a private charter sailing experience - we had a marvelous time and would definitely choose them again. 


Janet, Julia & Doug

The Grenadines, March 2018

When we see the pictures on your website we only want one thing: to be able to hop back on board! We had such a great time with Vincent and Florence on the Sugarpalm. It was exactly what we wished for and a lot more.


What we wished for was to see the Grenadines and enjoy the freedom to move around on our own sailing boat. We also like a bit of luxury and prefer the stability and space of a catamaran. Furthermore, we don’t want to spend much time to figure out the best moorings and we want to be in safe hands. Florence and Vincent made these wishes come true. They are good and experienced sailors and they know the area very well. So during our trip of five days in January they brought us to the best bays to anchor and made sure we where safe at all times.

Vincent taught us a little bit about sailing a catamaran and navigating in this area. He knows the underwater world very well and he took us with the dinghy to the best snorkeling spots in the area. Florence had asked in advance what our wishes were concerning food and beverages. So we knew a little bit what to expect. However, she surprised us with every meal. We loved the daily aperitif (in our case the signature rumpunch of Florence, not for the fainthearted…) which came with several savory bites. In particular the fresh fish, crab and lobster they acquired from the local fishermen where unforgettable when prepared by chef Florence. In addition, they surprised us with some great wines from their collection from the on-board wine cellar. 

The comfort on board of the Sugarpalm is amazing. We had the whole starboard side to ourselves and used one of the sleeping rooms as a walk-in closet. The beds are very good and the natural breeze inside the ship kept us cool. The highlight of our trip was our stay in the Tobago Cays where we enjoyed snorkeling with turtles and slept on a beautiful spot at the edge of the reef. There we also climbed a small hill on one of the islets for an amazing view of many different shades of blue.

Thanks Vincent and Florence for a few unforgettable days! Good luck with your future plans and safe journeys.
Dymph & Marc
The Grenadines, January 2018

This year we sailed on the Sugarpalm catamaran for the second time over New Year’s 2018 in and around Guadeloupe.

We had another fantastic trip with Vincent and Florence who were great hosts.


This time we sailed around several islands around Guadeloupe finding some great snorkel sites, cute towns to explore and relaxing on beaches as less time sailing. Vincent and Florence also rented a car for us and took us on a tour around the cute island of Marie Galante. 

Florence once again spoiled us with some amazing and fresh cooked meals. She spends a lot of time preparing beautifully plated and very tasty meals. Her rum punch is by far the best we have had in the Caribbean and there is always an endless supply! 

Florence and Vincent make the evenings on the sailboat fun with tasty cocktails, playing games and of course the night time rum aperitif.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip once again and highly recommend the Sugarpalm catamaran as a relaxing but also fun filled vacation.


Kim & Jarret,

Guadeloupe islands, January 2018

Where do I even start? Sailing with Vincent and Florence on SugarPalm was one of the best vacations we've ever been on, hands down. We did a 9 day sail from St Vincent and the Grenadines to Grenada as recommended by Florence and Vincent. They planned the entire itinerary meticulously and we hit all the high points of this beautiful sail. It is obvious that they know the area well and took us to so many gorgeous, unspoiled places.
Vincent acted as our tour guide and showed us all the greatest spots for snorkeling. He also took us into different towns and showed us around all the various islands, each one with its own flavor. We did a few easy hikes (probably better described as quick walks) to some magnificent views which were great for photo ops. They even arranged a morning of scuba diving for us prior to our arrival. Additionally, they handled all the customs and immigration hassles while we were aboard. 
Florence was our hostess and chef. She kept the boat sparklingly clean and prepared FANTASTIC food. Each meal was new and fresh and beautifully plated. Each lunch and dinner was paired with amazing French wine. And there was plenty food and wine to keep us all well sated. I really can’t say enough good things about the food. 
Aside from all the activities and food, Florence and Vincent are wonderful people and we had a blast spending our vacation with them. From Disco Party Banana Wednesday to simply sitting around and chatting, it was great getting to know them.  We will definitely plan another trip with them in the future!

Katie and Morgan
The Grenadines and Grenada, December 2017

Lauren and I had so much fun last visit that we returned to SugarPalm for a second vacation.


Same great food and stress-free cruising except this time we toured the BVI. The islands and sailing are fantastic here and the weather was incredible ; island hoping at its best!!! Anegada Island was my favorite! We loved exploring the island by SUV and got to see all the local beaches.


We will definitely be back down next year, we just need to pin point our next destination.


Lauren & Jason

British Virgin Islands, February 2017

We've done several catamaran charters before and this was one of the best.


Florence and Vincent could not have been better hosts. Wonderful food, great scenery, they really knew the spots we would like the best as we don't like to go where it's crowded ! They could not have been more gracious and fun to spend time with.

Vincent also always looked out for our safety and escorted us snorkelling and on land tours. Poor Florence got left behind but she did an amazing job of cooking us gourmet meals and making sure the boat was spotless.

The boat was fabulous and although the weather wasn't as sunny as it could have been, it was still hot and the wind made for great sailing !


We like to go to different places each year but we will definitely consider coming back to sail with SugarPalm in a different part of the Carribbean ! Bonne chance vous deux !


Vicky and Zed

Grenadines, January 2017

We sailed on Sugarpalm catamaran for 7 nights over New Year’s 2017 from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Grenada. This was by far one of our most memorable and relaxing vacations we have taken.


Florence and Vincent were amazing hosts. Vincent is not only a skilled skipper of the boat but also your personal tour guide at each anchorage. He took us to numerous snorkel sites, hiking, in town excursions and was very knowledgeable about all the local islands we saw along the way.

The boat was very well maintained and kept very clean throughout the trip. Florence is an excellent host, she made us feel welcome from the start and we learned a lot from her about the Caribbean as well as her experiences back home in France. Florence is also an excellent cook. The food she makes is very fresh, high quality and always plated beautifully. One of us had a gluten allergy and she took special care to find gluten free bread/products (which is a feat in the Caribbean!) and practiced making gluten free meals/desserts in advance to ensure she was providing a tasty meal, which she succeeded with wonderfully!

The trip also included all drinks. Florence makes a delicious rum punch which we enjoyed daily at happy hour. One day we even enjoyed it on our own private island Vincent took us to! 

Florence and Vincent took care of everything for us which made this trip very relaxing and as a couple we didn’t argue once as there were no decisions to be made!


We loved our trip and look forward to sailing with Sugarpalm again in the near future! Once our kids are old enough we would love to take them with us as the boat can sleep 4 comfortably and we would like to share the experience with them.


Kim & Jarret

Grenadines, January 2017

My wife and I had a wonderful trip in the Grenadines with Vincent and Florence.


While we have traveled throughout the Caribbean we had never stayed overnight on a catamaran. Not knowing what to expect, Vincent and Forence were absolutly perfect from our first correspondence answering all our questions about the trip and helping put us at easy.


Every part of the trip was amazing.

The boat itself was always kept clean throughout the trip, and both Vincent and Forence make sure you feel at home from the moment you step on the boat until the trip is over.

They make sure to have the food and drink items that you like and also some new items to try local to the area. Florence does an impeccable job of cooking, with every meal different than the last. Every meal tasted wonderful and was presented beautifully. Vincent did a great job of sailing us to each island we went to (with the help of Florence).

They both went out of their way to make sure our itinerary was the best it coud be. Since we had not been to this part of the Caribbean before we left the itinerary up to both of them and they chose the best places possible to go and see. At the same time, they were open to any suggestions we might have had throughout the trip.


The entire trip was wonderful ! Vincent and Florence are delightful people and we got along with them wonderfully, I am sure they will be lifelong friends. Honestly, we really can't say enough about our trip on SugarPalm - it was probably our best vacation ever! We can't wait for our next adventure with them!


Debbie & Matt

Grenadines, June 2016

Review #15127738 “Private Cruises In The Caribbean”
Great Sailing Adventure
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Booked a surprise 40th birthday trip for my boyfriend. And what an adventure! Could not have been happier.

The food was excellent, Florence is a great cook. A touch of French in the Caribbean!
The boat was immaculate and made for some very comfortable sailing, as well as being very comfortable for sleeping, eating and just relaxing.
Florence and Vincent were great hosts and they are extremely knowledgable about the area and took us to all of the best spots. But more importantly just being great people to hang out with and drink rum with into the night.

Looking forward to booking our next sailing adventure! Would recommend to everyone looking to explore the caribbean from a unique perspective.

Sara & Chris (with own toys)

Grenadines, May 2016

Sailing on the Sugarpalm with Vincent and Florence more than exceeded our expectations for the trip.


This is truly an experience you cannot find anywhere else. If you are looking for a Caribbean adventure with the luxuries of a hotel and the security of a skilled crew who will handle all of the customs and misc hang-ups of traveling by sail, look no further. The locations we went to were picturesque but that was just the beginning.

The food! Each dish prepared was made with love and it showed in presentation, variety, and flavors. From French cheeses to lobster straight from the sea, each meal was a delightful adventure in its own. Breakfast lunch and dinner, and the drinks! All superb.

Cabins and bathrooms are always difficult on sailing boats. The Sugarpalm makes the best of it. The cabins comfortably sleeps two with easy to open skylights to catch the breeze for a wonderful nights sleep. Each cabin has a head that is well maintained, Florence cleans them daily, and just follow her instructions and you won't have any problems.   

Traveling with locals allowed us to see a side of the Caribbean we never would have found.  Not only all the best snorkeling spots and beautiful locations,  but they introduced us to the culture and people and gave us a peek into the Caribbean community on land and sea.


Finally, we can't say enough about Florence and Vincent. They are just wonderful to travel with, gave us plenty of personal space, always made us feel welcomed in their home and even stayed up way past their bedtime to swap life stories with us. Bring some music to listen to, a few swim suits and a laid-back frame of mind, and let them handle all the rest! We really can't recommend them enough!


Chrissie & Zac, honeymooners

Grenadines, March 2016

We had an absolute blast and highly recommend this trip!
We were one of the first people off the AirBnB website to sign up so we were going in not knowing what to expect.
First off this was the best trip we have been on period. We are planning on returning next January.
Flo and Vincent are exceptional hosts and take all of the guest work out of the trip.
The food is absolutely amazing, with a fresh European twist. We woke up to delicious baguettes, ate beautiful fresh salads and cheese plates for lunch, and finished the night with freshly caught fish from the day and copious amounts of French wine.
We spent the days relaxing on the boat, snorkeling and swimming with sea turtles. The scenery was breathtaking. Lauren loved every minute of the trip. The best part of the trip is that you get two free tour guides who take care of all of the details, including customs, while island hopping.
Lauren tends to be a worrier and she felt very safe with Vincent and Flo around to take care of things.

Lauren & Jason

Grenadines, January 2016